How it works

Choose & Purchase

Browse from the styles in my shop on Etsy, or consult with me first on what you expect for your design. If you find the combination and style to your liking, simply “Add to Cart” to finalize your order.

Customers usually add the following separate listings to their cart to create the combination of their liking:

  • Bride & Groom
  • Base
  • Adornment of their choice (Flowers and Vines, Flag banner, Last name banner, etc)

We are also very popular for our dog and cat pegs, too! If your fur baby can’t be at the ceremony, at least they can be a part of the big day by sitting on the cake!

Customize your order

Once your purchase is completed, you will need to fill out a customization form on our website. This is how I gather all of your details to paint your mini-you’s exactly to your specifications.

You are also encouraged to email me photos for a better vision.

This part is our customer’s favorite because they begin to envision what their custom cake topper will really look like!

Each detail should be remembered from your day, so we’ve created very easy to use forms that capture each memorable thought that went into planning.

Shipment & Delivery

I work on a “need by" date, and I can only accept a certain amount of orders each month.

When your order is placed, you are put into my working queue by that date. I then complete and ship your order 1-2 weeks before that date – depending on when you place your order. If there are any delays, you will be notified via my “Order Status" page on my website.

Once you receive your shipping email, you can expect your order to arrive within 3-5 days. If International, 10-14 business days.

Questions on how to order?

Have a question about our process or want to place an order? We respond very quickly!