Cake Topper Details

Cake Topper Dimensions

Classic Designs

Any design that includes a banner on wooden dowels

• Average height of 7 inches tall
Average width of 3.5-5 inches (depending on base choice)
• Banner dowels are hand cut at 6~ inches

Our bases are generally between 3.5-5 inches, and always fit perfectly on top of a 6 inch tier. For smaller tiers, or pies and cupcakes, we recommend no base, or saving your base for display later.

Themed Designs

• Designs with signs average height of 5 inches tall
• Designs with vines arch average height of 5~ inches

Base Dimensions & Details


• Standard brown base, Standard rustic brown base, and their sanded versions width is 4 inches in diameter (true to size)
• Tree slice base width varies from 3-4 inches in diameter
• Birch slice base width is 4-5 inches in diameter
• Tiny modern wooden base width is 2 inches in diameter
• Thick tree slice base width is 3-4 inches in diameter
• Standard oak slice base width is 4 inches in diameter
• Small oak slice base width is 3~ inches in diameter


• We clean the bottoms of our tree slices as much as possible
• Some slices may have bark residue that becomes loose during shipping. Before placing on your cake, make sure to gently sweep the base to remove any loose pieces.

Peg Dimensions & Details


• Women pegs are 2 inches tall
• Man pegs are 2 3/8 inches tall
• Baby, Toddler, and Children pegs are 1-1/4 inches tall x 5/8 inch diameter
• Large dog pegs are 1-11/16 inches tall x 5/8 inch diameter
• Small/Medium dogs and all cat pegs are 1-3/16 inches tall x 5/8 inch diameter


• We use high-quality paints and hand mix to create beautiful colors that work together harmoniously
• All toppers are given a coat of gloss to maintain those colors and are easy to clean
• Pieces such as 3d hair, veils, or clay hats are glued on to pegs
• Wire glasses are not glued on – they are removable

Packaging & Shipping

Pegs, base, and other pieces are packaged separately in your box, some assembly is required


• Your order will arrive wrapped very delicately
• Packaging can be reused and used to transfer topper to venue
• Banner must be placed into pre-drilled holes in base by couple (or baker, whoever is setting cake up)
• I include detailed instructions, it is VERY easy to setup. If couple wants pegs to stick to base, they will need to glue them down by someone.
• Our packaging procedures ensure a safe delivery, so that nothing breaks during transportation. It also saves on supplies equaling to customers saving on shipping!