Personalized Wooden Pegs
Handpainted to look just like you

How it works

Choose Your Design

I offer many designs to match your personal, unique style. Not only do I paint your wooden pegs to look like you, I offer an assornment of "add-ons" to adorn them with. Stylish rustic bases, my classic pennant fabric banner, small signs for your pets, the list goes on... Visit my shop to choose your very own design.

Custom Cake Toppers

I understand the importance of details. The jeweled belt, handmade plaid tie, "something blue" that belonged to your grandmother... I capture all of these special pieces that make your wedding day magical. By filling out a peg customization form, I am sure to paint all of those details.

The Lovebirds Team

We are Molly + Matt Clark: best friends, husband and wife, parents, entrepenuers, and cool people! We love what we do and how much happiness it brings to others. We value consistency, color harmony, and special details that are important to our clients. To be a part of other's joy, is what makes it all worth it.